Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Gotcha Day!

I'm so sorry this is so late and maybe no one is interested anymore since we are home now. But, since I was unable to post from China about our trip because of various difficulties, I decided I'm going to do a gotcha day post, because I'm sure that's what everyone is really interested in. I think I'll also back post some of the other things we did on our trip, but I really want to get some of the good gotcha day pictures (and a video) up here.

We started out the day with a breakfast buffet in the morning. Then, at around 9am China time, we hopped on a bus with the rest of the group, to go meet our kidos. It was surreal. I thought I would be a mess...sick even. When I'm nervous or big changes are happening, I tend to get these uncontrollable shakes. I was really worried I would get that way, but I didn't. I really felt a peace and calm and just really excited to see my baby girl. I really chalk this up to all the prayers I know were happening for us at that time.

This is where things happen really fast. We thought we would be waiting awhile at the office for our girl to arrive. Boy, were we wrong! Just take a look and see.

It was, in some ways, a wonderful day for us. We had been waiting so long and working so hard to finally hold our sweet girl in our arms. But, it was a really hard day. The worst for Carissa. My heart just broke for her. Everything changed for her that day. She lost everything she had ever known. Yes, we knew that her days as an orphan were over. That she would be loved so much. That having a family is much better for her than growing up in an orphanage. But, she only knew that she was handed over from everything familiar to complete strangers. It was tough to see that pain and fear in her.
Here are some of the pictures from that day.

My precious baby girl, momma is so glad to finally have you in her arms. I know it was a hard day for you, but for me, it was one of the best. You grew, for many months, in my heart and the day finally came to hold you. I love you so much!


  1. Okay...so I'm crying. What a precious video to have! The emotions wow!

  2. Wonderful start of your story! I enjoy reading about how you felt!